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Behind the Penna History Partners Logo

Hello, friends! While our focus remains Western PA History, we would like to officially reveal our new logo representing our business partnership and brand name: 
Penna History Partners (PHP for short).  

Logo design by Millennial Marketing Agency

Our logo is symbolic to us in several ways. Obviously, the inkwell and quill pen allude to an historical, practical, and beautiful means of writing and a visual reminder that our focus is on all-things-history.  But for us, these items represent so much more.  

The feather (of which a specific type is referred to as a penna, short for pennaceous) aligns with the name of our business, and historical Pennsylvania abbreviation:  Penna.  The feather, also important and symbolic in Native American cultures, is a reminder to acknowledge our commonwealth and nation’s earliest inhabitants and heritage.  

The inkwell is inspired by the keystone, an iconic shape that has become representative of all things Pennsylvania.  Government, business, military and cultural organizations alike have used this symbol across many generations.  We will explore this a bit more in a future post.  

The ink represents the permanence of our past and the facts we cannot change – not even the darkest parts.  But we hope that through our research, we will all learn new things, gain some grounded perspective, and shed a little more light on life today.  

And finally, to our name:  We are two passionate purveyors of Pennsylvania history, collaborating on Western Pennsylvania history projects.  We look forward to diving into the past and sharing our research and writing services!

Thank you to Millennial Marketing Agency for designing our new logo!


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