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Penna History Partners provides historical research, writing, and editing services for simple subjects to more in-depth projects, focused primarily on Western Pennsylvania.  We conduct both online and in-person research on your behalf. Examples of services include:

  • Anniversaries for churches, towns, or events
  • Architectural and building site stories
  • Business histories and timelines
  • General history research
  • Historical records requests
  • Historical marker applications
  • Interpretive sign content and exhibit labels
  • National Register nominations
  • Oral histories and personal interviews
  • Property research (deed tracing)
  • Public speaking / History presentations
  • Section 106 related research
  • Trail network designations

Our research can be formatted for society newsletters, blog posts, social media sites, website content, and more formal printed publications including pamphlets, booklets, and full-length books

No project is too small for us to consider. Please let us know your research goals and fiscal constraints, and we will do our best to assist.

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